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We’d like to thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback on the recent suspension of Leadership on Gateway. We know that this has been a big change to the Astral Diamond economy and it’s going to take a significant effort on our part to make sure the market stabilizes in a positive way. We know that some of you are concerned about the threat of botting moving into Neverwinter astral diamonds PC the game. As part of this task, we’ve dug in and examined the current data. After analyzing said data, and studying any economy changes, we can report that we have not seen any significant increase in the botting of Leadership in-game.


We also understand your concerns regarding the cost of goods versus the amount of Astral Diamonds coming into the economy. In the short term, we are keeping an eye on the supply of Astral Diamonds to make sure it performs as expected. We will also be running multiple “2x AD” events to make sure adventurers are able to get the Astral Diamonds they need. In the long term, we are re-examining the various non-profession methods of earning Astral Diamonds. It’s important to us that playing the game rewards AD sufficiently.bnsa39nb

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There was some technical limitation we had to overcome when setting up the structures for the new tech used for the Stronghold experience. I mentioned in the above paragraph the idea of Plot Type. There are multiple plot types throughout the Stronghold map. These signified the boundaries we could use to create the structures in Neverwinter Xbox Astral Diamond. The environment team had to get creative with how the final structures were built and how they used the space within a plot type. We also had to take into account that players have a limited choice on where they can build the structures they want so each structure had to fit within any setting seen throughout the Stronghold map.


The environment team did an amazing job creating this new building kit. Going forward this new kit will allow for future stronghold expansion structures to be built quick and with ease, no matter what structure type we may come up with in the future. We are really excited to see what you all do when laying out your Stronghold structures throughout the map.Before I say farewell, here are a couple structures you will be able to build when your guild gets in and starts to make its very own mark.fntt32tg

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Neverwinter: Strongholds, the game’s seventh full-fledged expansion, gives adventurers and their guild the opportunity to reclaim an abandoned keep from the wild in our largest map yet. After over two years of adventuring all along the Sword Coast, adventurers will soon have a place to call home.Have your first look at the process of building a stronghold, the aesthetic differences upon ranking up and the brand new PvP mode in our latest gameplay trailer!Once your Guild Hall is secured, complete quests throughout the lands to rank up your stronghold while building new structures to cheapest neverwinter astral diamonds  unlock abilities and increased performance for your guild and its members.Your stronghold will be your guild’s home, so make sure to keep it up and running!

Once adventurers have had time to conquer the landscape, we will unleash an all-new, MOBA-like 20 vs. 20 experience. Guilds may battle against each other’s heavily fortified strongholds in Neverwinter’s ultimate PvP showdown. Prepare to Conquer or Crumble in Neverwinter.Sune has graced Neverwinter with the Summer Festival, adorning adventurers with gorgeous garments and providing them with an unrivaled celebration. Now, she wants to break the fourth wall and share the beauty of Neverwinter with you, the player. Starting today, she’ll be handing out one of these posters to a lucky player, who yearns to decorate their lives with some Forgotten Realms decor.


After today’s giveaway, every Monday will be spent praising Sune and trying to win her favor by doing small tasks. These tasks can range from a trivia contest, a caption contest, name that companion or anything else she can think of. Check back every Monday to see what needs to be done to get one of these beautiful posters. It’s your choice as to which one to receive, but Sune asks for you to take a picture with the poster when you receive it so she knows her love is being spread.fntt32tg

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At this point, art will start wrapping up their work on the tasks that were handed off at the beginning of the expansion. Design and art work closely to make any last-minute changes or tweaks, such as choosing the final coloring for a set of armor based on the materials used. Art and design will also collaborate to  buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds  make sure everything is in place for an expansion’s launch and that all placeholders have been replaced with final art.From start to finish, creating rewards for Neverwinter involves most of the team in some way, shape, or form; from what the loot is, to what it looks like, to where it comes from, making sure every adventurer has awesome loot to hunt is important to us, not only as developers but fellow gamers.


Hey folks, Scott Shicoff here to remind you that Neverwinter: Strongholds is right around the corner. We’ve been giving you an inside look at what it has to offer (check HERE for all of the blogs on Neverwinter: Strongholds), with more information to come later. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the blogs so far, but one thing players want to know is what they can do to get ready for the expansion’s release. Well you’re in luck! I’ve got some tips to help you get ready for this new gameplay experience, so without further ado, let’s jump right in.fntt32tg

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